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Jewelry Uniform: Charmed. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

Others have prayer beads, I have my jewelry uniform that gives me calm to the touch.  I go through periods of wearing the same thing over and over regardless of occasion.  I talked about my clothing uniform in this post here.  Having a uniform also applies to my daily accessories and I wanted to find out if you do the same. Right now, I have been wearing these two necklaces which are a combination of charms that I created.I play with the necklaces frequently without thinking.  It just makes me feel good to have them on.One is an engraved locket with photos of Bruno inside.  The other necklace is a combination of my Minatour Horn, the Red Heart charm, and my 14kt gold diamond Year of the Dog pendant.A close up of my motley pendants.Is it your wedding ring?  Is it a necklace your mom gave you?  What is your jewelry uniform that you feel incomplete without?

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