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Joining an 8 Ball Pool League: Hobbies of #Jewelry Designer #TinaTang

tina tang

I joined an 8 ball pool league and last night was my first meeting. I am a complete beginner outside of the goofing around on rare occasion at a bar with friends.  One night this past fall, while out with friends spontaneously playing pool in a local bar, we played against two women who revealed that they were in a pool league.The patch they gave us last night.That's where my idea was born.  After researching billiard bars near my office, I found Society Billiards & Bar which hosts a beginner-intermediate 8 ball league. What is 8 ball?  According to the, "to win a game of pool, a player must legally pocket the 8 ball after which time his group of balls, either solids or stripes, is completely pocketed, or by pocketing the 8 ball on a legal break shot.My goal for this "season" in the league is to hone my skills and be able to sink balls 80% of the time where my eye envisions. I warned my team mates that I am a true beginner and still need to understand the national 8 ball rules.  I played two different women handicapped higher than me.  Last night, I won both games.  End goal for season: to be a total unexpected pool shark.

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