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Just in Time for Holiday

tina tang

By ChloeOkay, fine. I’ve been denying it long enough: still wearing t-shirts and flats with no socks to work. Avoiding even looking at the date on my cell phone because I was refusing to believe that the harsh New York winter was really and truly creeping in. And the holidays, ohhh the holidays! But the time is here, and I’m here to make it less stressful for you. Here are some ideasFor your friend who is addicted to yellow gold, the endless summer necklace emanates warmth on any skin tone. $115Know someone who doesn’t wear much jewelry and you’re trying to turn her to the other side? For your friend the minimalist, I suggest the small silver spade earrings. $75We have unusual and fun things for men as well! Check out these sexy skull cufflinks:$295 Maybe a better choice in this economy would be these money trees:$165For the little girl in you life, I love this sweet daisy necklace for just $95:And for the audacious friend who is a lover of jewelry and already “has everything” what about this bold carnelian Wilma bracelet? It pulls any outfit together like a charm:$165Of course you need to pick up a little something for yourself or else it wouldn’t be “shopping.”Tina’s new smoky quartz drops are an awesome everyday earring and perfect stone for winter:$39

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  • I LOVE those money trees!!!!!!!!!

    Fabulously Broke

  • Thank you, I think they’re great as well. I think its safe to say that we all can use some money tree luck right now.


    Tangy Tidbits (Tina Tang Team)

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