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Lavender Destiny

tina tang

by JenIt is truly amazing how over the last few years the cosmic forces of the universe have been conspiring to move me to this point in my life.Years ago, I moved to NYC and was working as a hostess at a swanky restaurant. Still trying to get to know the city in all its greatness (a far cry from my hometown in Texas), I got suggestions about the best pizzas, coolest restaurants, cheapest drinks...etc from native New Yorkers.But some discoveries were made all on my own.One of my co-workers always wore the same beautiful necklace. Consistently, everyday my eyes were drawn to it. I have a hard and fast rule: if I see something three times and I’m still coveting or lusting after it, it’s bought. I finally asked her where she had found the beauty. It was then I discovered Tina Tang.Flash-forward 5 years. Here I was thinking my job as a personal assistant was not fulfilling my needs. The next day I was told "We can't afford you anymore. Sorry." Career-wise, I was pushed into making a change, oh, and by the way, there's a job market crisis hitting the US of A. Perfect timing.Unemployed and with time to spare, I was strolling in Greenwich Village and walked by one of my now most favorite places to shop: Tina Tang, and started wondering if they could be hiring. I popped in to ask, and shop, the act of which IMHO was always unfailingly therapeutic and good for the soul. And as luck, or fate, would have it, they were!Now I am working in a store painted in pale lavender and full of the most beautiful pieces to ever adorn the female form. I have found heaven...and there are purses too! Not just any purses--Chloe, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton...I mean talk about feeling fulfilled!So how’s life? Simply fabulous! I spend every afternoon playing dress-up during lunch hour with the gorgeous Tina Tang Gold Fire Necklace and earrings, while styling the luscious black Miu Miu bow purse in front of a full length mirror. :)How’s that for destiny???

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  • I wish had discovered this place when I was living in NY, Jen! I’ll visit you the next time I come up :)



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