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Lights, camera, no action??

tina tang

We have been working on a little video to present the new spring line.  It has been taking a while to put it together because I have been the procrastinator. I am afraid of the camera.  In wanting things to go right in the first filming, I am demanding a tall order!  So, instead of giving it a few tries, I keep thinking of excuses to postpone filming.Here I am getting into "host" mode for our video clip.Naturally, I am sporting my grey uniform.Shirt: Blaze (local NYC designer)Tank top: Old NavyEarrings: Tina Tang Double Teardrop HoopsFinally, yesterday, we filmed!  Now I am working on editing, another aspect of this process I want to procrastinate on.  Here is a preview of my third series in the spring line.  This is the Armida series:Armida series will be added to the website soon.Does anyone have any good Mac iMovie app tips?  A sister needs help.

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