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Living life my way. #TinaTang

tina tang

Last night, I saw the private screening of Mozart's Sister, a film that reveals the aspirations and young life story of what the title indicates, Mozart's older sister, who was also an extremely talented musician.  I highly recommend the French made film and won't reveal too many details, but wish to express how the film had a constant undertone of sadness and in leaving the theater, I felt grateful to be able to live my life the way I choose.A constant reminder in my mind that I have the freedom to create my own schedule, I decided today would be one without self imposed constraints.On the schedule today: Apple Store, jewelry district, wholesale district, and working on my jewelry showroom displays.  No particular order, no rush, and no pressure.  Also, today, no girly dresses.  I'm just Tina from the block. Trying to imitate all the teens on Facebook with their silly poses.  How does mine look?

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