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Lost Wax Process: Custom #Jewelry #TinaTang

tina tang

After having finalized a sketch with my client, one which we both were satisfied with, I start the wax carving process.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to take you through each step.  I'm making a mini video of this as well!I use a scribe (pointed metal pen) to dot trace my original sketch onto a block of blue wax.I started with this sketch:I worked on this sketch a couple weekend ago.The "E" seems simply but the client had me sketch 4-5 times with subtle differences in where the "e" looped.  Finally, she loved the above sketch and size.1. Step one is to trace the sketch onto the block of blue wax like I show above.This is what the tracing looks like once I finish:Can you see the "e"?Why trace?  So I know where to cut when I use my mini saw.  I started already as you can see on the top of the "E".2. Saw around the outline of the tracing:This is me cutting using my small saw.I'll finish cutting today and start refining the shape with carving tools.  More to come tomorrow.

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