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Love for the 80's: teen nostalgia or simply greatness?

tina tang

My close friend, Patti, called me up to tell me she had been spending the last few hours watching You Tube videos of Teena Marie's 80's hits.  Patti had forgotten all about her teenage obsession until she heard that Teena Maria passed away 2 days ago at the age of 54.This got me thinking, why do DJ's start off sets with familiar 80's songs to get the party started?  Is it because it brings us back to those days or is it simply because the 80's were just awesome?To honor that cheesy, err, nostalgic time in my teen years, I borrowed Sima's 80's inspired off the shoulder top today.Here I am giving the 80's a big old hug. Excuse the mess in the background.Shirt:  Ecoskin (organic cotton), borrow from SimaPants:  Plush, borrow from SimaBoots:  Rag and Bone from Pas de DeuxNecklace:  Tina Tang Crescent NecklaceRemember?? The days of teased hair, Aquanet, and off the shoulder?  In high school, I used to wake up at 6 am in order to spend an hour on my hair.  INSANE!  And, any girl who grew up in the 80's will echo that same experience.Here is an ode to Teena Marie who made us all sing aloud lip synching with our sister.These pair of earrings I designed were my ode to the 80's.Appropriately named The Eighties Earrings.I loved Duran Duran, Howard Jones, Teena Marie, Pat Benatar  and many more.  When I asked Patti, what is it about 80's music that people still like it now?  She responded, "Unlike grunge or metal, it's a friendly sound."  I suppose our love for that time is simply because it is great.

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