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Lovely Cliche #NYC Christmas weekend. #ReasonstoLoveNY #TinaTang

tina tang

My parents, sister and her husband, flew to NYC this weekend to spend Christmas with me.  The last time my parents were here was ten years ago and their memory of New York lingers on the pre-Giuliani days where subways were marked with graffiti and streets littered with garbage.For our family, our traditional big dinner is Christmas eve where it is my father who normally cooks a large Chinese meal that includes a roast duck with sticky rice stuffing.  Being in New York City, I wanted to pick a Christmas eve dinner in a cozy, quintessential West Village restaurant.  Thus, we dined at my new favorite, Bell, Book & Candle on 10th Street.Called the Brown Bag Apple Pie, I am staking claim on it so no one else can share.What made the dinner very special is that I invited my best friend, Sima, who happens to be Jewish, to join the Tangs. Sima's drinking her traditional red wine, and me... lucky me, a Macallan 25 year!The bartender made a mistake and quoted me a price on the Macallan 25 year, poured me a glass, and afterwards told me that the price really should have been $80 a glass, but she would honor her original quote.  That was the best darn scotch I have tasted.During dinner, to commemorate the occasion, we wanted to take a silly picture.  My mom, Lucia Tang, is always up for something fun, never afraid of what others may think, posed right with us when requested.This is officially my all time favorite photo of us Tang ladies.What a lovely Christmas eve meal, woven with the silly, spent with family and loved ones.  To end the Christmas weekend, we ate the most cliche December 25th dinner where all restaurants are typically closed.  We went to Chinatown, where everything operated as if a normal day, and dined on cheap Chinese.Those are delicious pork chops on the top part of photo.I don't mean to sound sappy, and trust me there were moments of family stress, but I truly had a lovely smile evoking memory of this past weekend with my family in New York City.

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