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Lovers who can never be...

tina tang

I invited one of my best friend's, writer, Patti Kim, to leave her suburban Maryland life (of husband and two kids) to attend the opera with me last night. Here is more on Patti and her always entertaining blog.She took the Bolt Bus yesterday morning to make it for our 8:30pm Lucia de Lammermoor performance at the Metropolitan Opera.Here is the stage, pre-performance.  We were of the 1% who were under 65 years old.Lucia di Lammermoor is essentially a love story about a young couple whose families are feuding.  Lucia is promised to another man and on her wedding night, out of despair and backlash, she kills her new husband.  Shortly after, she goes crazy and dies herself.  Her grieving lover, Edgardo, then commits suicide to be with his beloved Lucia.The best opera love stories require love after death.Natalie Dessay and Joseph Calleja performed and sang their roles with such passion and tristesse.During the second intermission which was 40 minutes long due to an extensive set change.I was inspired today to wear my Lucia earrings:My hair is looking kinda windswept, as if I was on the moors of England.I don't know if it's reminiscent of my Goldman Sachs days, but I love pant suits.This is the my attempt at the WENDY BRANDES pose.  She is a friend and successful jewelry designer/blogger.  I enjoy borrowing her signature pose.Jacket: Marni via consignment shopPants: Poleci via ebayShoes: Varda Earrings: Tina Tang Lucia di Lammermoor Earrings.

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