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Lunch with a lady #TinaTang

tina tang

Before I go on, I must emphasize that I am not a "lady who lunches".    I just happened to have lunch with a friend, who I happen to regard as quite the lady. We just had salads at Le Pain Quotidien.  Like I've said before, salads taste better when someone else makes them. Every time I see my friend, So-Chung, I silently think to myself how little I do in my allotted 24 hour day compared to her.  I am sharing my appreciation of her because she is one friend I so deeply admire for her kind and ever so large heart. In terms of accomplishments, So-Chung is a stay at home mother of three kids, all under the age of 11, used to be Managing Editor for Opera News, and previous Managing/ Executive Editor for Interior Design Magazine.  She regularly volunteers for her three kids various schools, helps run the parents association for the kids' Korean school, hosts a weekly Korean television program, and performs a litany of time consuming leadership responsibilities for the Metropolitan Opera.I became friends with So-Chung as she is the Metropolitan Opera Young Associates' Director who heads our steering committee of which I am a member.   What I admire about So-Chung is that she leads with pointed goals, yet has such grace in receiving suggestions, no matter how foolish sounding, and makes all who work with her feel important. If you ever meet her, she makes you feel so welcome, despite your wealth, class or occupation.  She speaks in front of a group of people with such facility I wonder how it is fair that one person can have all the skills she possesses and presents them so effortlessly.   I bow deeply in admiration, respect, and love to my good friend, So-Chung, who now happens to enjoy making jewelry.

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  • Lucky you! I am always in awe of people who are that packed with amazing daily deeds.

    I need lunch you YOU lady!


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