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Lunch with Social Media Guru, @SueanneShirzay

tina tang

Today, I had the good fortune to have lunch with Sueanne Shirzay who was named by Newsday as one of the top 3 Klout Scores and Top 5 Social Media Gurus in Long Island.  I met Sueanne through twitter, specifically through a tweet-up in New York City.We just finished our chocolate hazelnut ice cream dessert.Besides being a social media guru, Sueanne is also a jewelry designer whose beautiful creations can be found here on etsy.   I asked Sueanne out to lunch to talk jewelry and social media as I was seeking her expert advice.  Here is a sample of Sueanne's work:This is her Color of Love Necklace which can be found here.Sueanne is an active tweeter (@SueanneShirzay) who also consults for several companies and also penns 3 different blogs,,, and  She passed on some twitter do's and dont's based on knowledge of her nearly 3 years of tweeting regularly and frequently.  She has a huge following and will be speaking at the 140 Conference Long Island, a conference which focuses on how the changing world of social media affects us and businesses.I wore these earrings to our lunch:The Endless Summer Hoops are kept in my workbag since they go with everything.and I wore this, which I originally designed for Rebecca Minkoff and naturally needed one for myself.The Rebecca Minkoff ring.I have a lot of work to do now after all the knowledge Sueanne passed down to me.  Thank you, Sueanne, for generously sharing your knowledge!

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