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Mad for MAD MAN

tina tang

by TinaMy newest obsession is the series MAD MEN. I am obviously behind the times as this show has won numerous awards for its writing and its only been a recent discovery of mineThe realities of the 1950's-early 60's is what makes this show so incredibly riveting. Those were the days of men in hats, women in tailored dresses that hugged the body; all those niceties that have been lost in today's age of comfort and convenience.And, its not that during those times they were more innocent! The drinking and smoking at all hours in any locaton (2 martini lunches, vodka in the morning orange juice) displays the fact that vices have always existed!I long for the days of feminity and consciousness to detail.Our MAD MAN-era inspired Casablanca Gold Fill Necklace

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