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Mad Libs

tina tang

By: Chloe“Keep your kidneys at your sides, especially when you’re speaking to a dirty guy.” My name is Chloe, and I am addicted to Mad Libs. Mad Libs! Remember? Never do I feel as much like a kid or as creatively stimulated then when I play Mad Libs and laugh. Mad Libs are so bad that they’re good. It’s like Dunkin Doughnuts for the mind. A typical Saturday night: Bobbie and I get home from a hectic day at Tina Tang Studio. We take the 1 train uptown to our apartment off 181st Street. Yes, 181st Street. Our heels and dresses are quickly replaced with sweatpants and bare feet. Our beloved jewelry becomes a mountain on the coffee table. The Mad Lib Master, (Bobbies boyfriend) arrives. He breaks out the liquor. We become immersed in adjectives, nouns, and adverbs. The Mad Lib Master’s jovial laugh bellows the spacious apartment so ear-splittingly loud that the neighbors must wonder what were doing. Heated arguments arise: “Gentle-ing is not a word!” and “What is the true meaning of a noun and proper noun?”Sunday’s sunlight leaks through the windows in the morning to wake us. Heels and jewelry are put back on, and with headaches we head downtown to the Tina Tang Studio, where, (until now) no one knows our secret vice.

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