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tina tang

For some time now, I have been extremely alert to where items are made before I purchase them.  I always check and if it's not obvious, I always ask.  Essentially, my ultimate goal is to buy "Made in America".My latest purchase/obsession is this gorgeous FILSON tote that I stumbled across in J Crew's men section.  For weeks, I had been searching for a compact but adorable work bag to lug my laptop to and from work and this gorgeous bag was waiting for me to find her!What makes this bag unbelievable is not its bridle leather handles (which I love), nor its water resistant durable canvas structure (which is still a huge advantage), it is that this tote is MADE IN AMERICA!   In fact, my new baby is made in Washington state, by C.C. Filson & Co, which is normally a hunting and fishing gear company.Jacket: Rachel MaraEarrings:  Tina Tang Gold fill Featherstone EarringsNecklace: Tina Tang Gold fill Circle of Life NecklaceBag:  FilsonIt makes me so happy when I am shopping to buy "Made in America"!  By the way, all our jewelry is made in America, New York City to be exact.

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