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Magazine Apps for iPad

tina tang

Glamour launched their magazine's application for the iPad yesterday and it is a total revolution in magazine reading. Not only do users receive the issue in PDF form, but it is supplemented with video and other content. This is incredibly useful because instead of vague step-by-step photos on how to properly apply fake eyelashes, users can watch a video that allows more extensive commentary and instructions that couldn't be packed into the tiny captions of a magazine. Imagine, instead of lugging a laptop to the bathroom counter a girl can simply lean her iPad next to the mirror and mimic the video. Consider rookie chefs in the kitchen attempting to peel shrimp. You know the set-up: a bulky cookbook balanced precariously on some kind of bookstand trying to flip pages between the recipe and the instructions on how to separate shrimp meat from their shells. With the iPad, beginner chefs can simply watch the video rather than read cryptic instructions like these found on Remove shrimp legs2. Use your fingers to pull off the shell, leaving the tail attached to the meatTo someone who is a stranger to the kitchen like myself, I can't help but think "Yeah, I know that's what I'm trying to do, but HOW do I do it?"With that point in mind, back to the amazing features of the Glamour application. Not only are there instructional videos for the makeup-illiterate, but there is concert footage, behind the scenes video for photo shoots, etc. Moreover, back issues are available for the same price as the print issues at $3.99. This means that rather than carry a stack of back issues you haven't had a chance to read yet, they're all contained in one magazine-sized tablet. Definitely keep this in mind next time you go to the beach!Photo by: Courtesy Photo

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