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Modern Manners

tina tang

Flipping through Shape’s latest issue, I came across their “Modern Manners 101” article based on the book, What to Do (When No One Has a Clue).Scenario 1: You want to wear an expensive dress once, then return it. DON’T! Your leftover perfume and perspiration means the store won’t be able to resell it. And even if it does sneak past the salesperson, someone else will end up buying a used dress. *No one wants to purchase used clothing! Its inconsiderate and rude! Scenario 2: You’re tempted to tap into a neighbor’s Wi-Fi. DEPENDS on where you live. In some states, piggybacking on someone else’s Wi-Fi is illegal. If that’s not eh case, it’s fine to tap in to check your email or do a search; just don’t hog too much bandwidth. *I will admit I have definitely done this once or twice!Scenario 3: You didn’t finish your meal at a five-star restaurant and want to ask for a doggie bag. GO RIGHT AHEAD! Chefs in even the poshest establishments would rather see leftovers go home to be eaten than have their good food go to waste. *I agree, leftovers taste so much better! Few personal modern manners I have are: - Do not eat potent smelling foods on public transportations where the air does not ventilate properly. - Do not blast music in your car to the point where your neighboring cars can feel the base and have their cars vibrate along with your songs. - Do pack picnics to the park and beach; just make sure to dispose of any wrappers and empty bottles. Do you have any personal etiquettes you have to share?

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  • Scenario 1 is just too common… I don’t do that but I was a victim once or twice. I bought some items which have lipstick stains and perfume stains on them. Now I always ask for new stocks.

    Scenario 2… I am also a victim. I was kinda surprised why suddenly our wifi connection slowed down then I discovered that some cars are stopping in front of my house to access some free wifi. Now, I have a password.

    Scenario 3… I always bring home my leftovers whether it’s from a plush restaurant or some fastfood chain. I agree, they taste much better when reheated.

    Have a great day! xoxo


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