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Mono no aware, a sensitivity to things…

tina tang

by JudyIn Japan’s Edo period, the scholar Motoori Norinaga came up with the concept of mono no aware, meaning a sensitivity or empathy towards things. The transient nature of life is what the cherry blossom or sakura has come to represent. When sakura blossoms bloom, they bloom en masse to reveal their incredible beauty and yet their blooms last but a matter of days. It is the fleeting or transient nature of all things that people everywhere can relate to is what makes the sakura symbol so captivating.Everyone crosses thresholds regardless if we are ready for it or not, whether we are prepared or innocently unaware, change happens. It happens to all of us. Everything you knew before must be let go and learn to know the world and yourself in new and unexpected ways. Bravely moving forward is what we all must do but mono no aware is just the bittersweet feeling that lingers in us always.The Sakura Series is available in silver and gold, please come to the Gold Label store and see it for yourself. It is simply captivating.

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