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Monogram, Minigram, Initials : Personalized narcissism at its best. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

What is it about personalization that appeals to each and every one of us?  Even as kids we wanted our own special and identifiable possessions. A college friend of mine grew up with four other siblings so as an adult, individual size packaged potato chips or fig newtons were so desirable to her. That small sized bag felt special, like it was all hers.  Personalized jewelry feels the same way in that no one else, well almost no one else, can wear it.My most popular items are my hand-carved monogram necklaces:Initial monongram g necklace by NYC Jewelry Designer Tina TangThe "g" I carved was a old fashioned typewriter style, which is my favorite of all the initials.The smaller minigrams are extremely popular for the ladies who love teeny tiny:These minigrams are my second most popular personalization items.Yesterday, I had a young woman order a custom engraved necklace for her college graduating sister who happens to love personalization.  Once made, I completely understood the appeal.Classic and never out of style, one's own initials.

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  • My first Tina Tang purchase was a lower case “r” ala the “g” shown. I love that it’s a lower case. That starter piece got me addicted!


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