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More Adventurous/Amalgamate your metals

tina tang

By: ChloeThe fantastic Teela Brock graced me with her presence on Sunday. Teela is a long time Tina Tang junky and she emanates energy and joy. She's also the proud owner of the rose gold dove and chain which she wears with a WHITE gold mini B for Brock.Teela's predicament was that she wants to mix metals more but is hesitant. This is a common dilemma among jewelry lovers. We're all afraid of looking like that eccentric lady on the subway wearing pink, purple, puce and polka-dot. But mixing metals looks sexy and artistic, not messy or mismatched. I promise. Even Tina Tang, especially Tina Tang does it!!And if you're still feeling wary, why don't you try a two-tone piece? Then you feel psychologically matched. Try these elegant double spade earrings:Teela chose to add the reliable gold circle of life necklace to her repertoire. She walked out the door, rocking rose, yellow and white gold jewelry. A walking tri-tone. And she'd never looked better.

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