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More Squiggles for the DeKooning Series. #TinaTang

tina tang

Remember how I made more squiggles now that I am creatively inspired?  I talked about it here.I picked up the castings yesterday to bring them to my production company.  I wanted Erol to add jumprings to the squiggles so that they can be used as earrings and or a necklace.  I look at the rough silver castings, imagine how I want the pieces to hang, then sketch where I want the rings to be attached.I have to get explicit so that there are no errors.Once Erol solders those rings on, I will bring the pieces back to the casters to make a mold.  From there, I will cast them into final silver pieces to be polished and made into earrings or necklaces.I put all possible rings on them as one can cut them off after casting, but to add rings after casting means more labor.I am really excited about these new pieces as they are a little lighter than the original DeKooning pieces.Have a wonderful and creative weekend, beautiful!

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  • I like a couple of these squiggles – can’t wait to see how they turn out!


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