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Movie time

tina tang

by JingJust saw two amazing movies this week and felt really compelled to share them with the masses. First is Public Enemies with Johnny Depp and the ever-versatile Marion Cotillard (the entire time of the movie I kept thinking: Can't believe this is the same actor that played Edith Piaf to a T). I must admit I had little interest in in the life of John Dillenger, the legendary depression-era bank robber whose life the movie's based on in the first place--I initially went to see Johnny Depp's beautiful face (very shallow I know.....). But the movie turned out to be surprisingly suspenseful and emotional. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a hearty weekend film to devour. Plus Depp's performance alone would be worth the ticket. The other movie I saw and loved was The Hurt Locker. It's hard to sum up the movie as the arc of the story is very subtle and much of its development lies in the details. But roughly it is about a small unit in Iraq that specializes in handling bombs. The movie was so explosively engaging, I was literally at the edge of my seat and biting my nails the entire time. The best part of it was that it wasn't political at all. It simply showed a slice of real life in the war, and attempted at sparking conversations about the addictive nature of it. It's definitely one of those films that stay with you afterwards for a while. So there's my free endorsement for Universal Pictures & Summit Entertainment :). Hope you'll get to see them sometime and will enjoy them. (Pls allow me to balance out my recommendation for violent movies with our beautiful Peace charm :))

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