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My best friend likes weird stuff.

tina tang

My best friend, Sima, emailed me late one night to get approval on her newest purchase.... a nose shower gel dispenser.   This is a typical splurge purchase for Sima, who buys the weirdest stuff. I forgot all about the nose until I saw it in her apartment today...It actually exists:  a NOSE shower gel dispenser.Who the hell buys stuff like this?    You know who?  The same person who buys a white trash Barbie:Note:  This is a Collectible Doll!This is not a photo off the web.  This is Trailer Trash Barbie that sits on Sima's bookshelves.  She has 3 different ones.Unlike me, Sima does not spend money on handbags, designer shoes or matching kitchen utensils.  She like kitch, 70's porn mags, andthe SHAKE Weight!  Yes, that SHAKE Weight that you have seen on tv.  She swears that it works.This is what I decided to wear today.   Like Katherine Hepburn, I usually prefer slacks, but today felt like a dress kind of day.Dress:  Diane von FurstenbergBoots: Miss SixtyEarrings: Tina Tang Brown Night OwlNecklace:  Tina Tang Traviata Smoky Quartz Necklace

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