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My favorite #NYC gifts to give. #TinaTang

tina tang

Whenever I send a thank you or bestow a holiday gift, I strive to send something that is quintessentially New York.  It's the city I love; it's the greatest city in the world.  Here are a few ideas that involve, eat, wear, or use to inspire your holiday shopping ideas.EAT: Black & White Cookies.I have a feeling you all know how much I love these.  I tweet about them all the time.  I believe these are mainly found only in NYC.  William Greenberg, a well known local NY baker, makes some very delicious ones. I love sending out of towners this:Photo courtesy of$27 for eighteen minis or $45 for a dozen regular sized ones at WMGreenbergdesserts.comEAT: Bagels.Zabars on the Upper West Side is the quintessential New York deli shop.  I usually send a bagel related basket since one could not imagine a breakfast in New York City without that as an option.The Morning Basics basket has all you need: bagels, lox, cream cheese and ruggelah.This amazing and very New York morning gift is $139. WEAR:  MTA related items.One thing a New Yorker often misses when she vacations or moves elsewhere is the convenience and availability of the subway.  The MTA is vitally woven into our being.This girlie subway map shirt is just too cute.This umbrella cheers me up on a grey day.The t-shirt is $24 and the umbrella is $22. Stocking stuffers or simply the gift to give.SMELL: Bond 09 New York themed fragrances.Out of all of the available scents, I love this Brooklyn one.The "Brooklyn" won the 2010 Fragrance Foundation's Scent of the Year.  It is $175 for a 50ml bottle.  Is this what I would smell when getting off the F train?

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  • You’re making miss home! Only 2 weeks away. Black and white cookies are also my weakness.


  • Black and whites are just heaven in a cookie!

    Tina Tang

  • Love the black & white cookies!

    Leslie R.

  • Thank you, Leslie!

    Tina Tang

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