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My Favorite Pastime (these days…)

tina tang

By: TroyI enjoy going home and watching music videos on youtube. My favorite eras are the late 80s and early 90s.Dare I say it – daydreaming is the new Summer! Here are a few of my recent re-discoveries.Can I Call You My Girl by PC Qwest – a song I dedicated to my middle school girlfriend. This video made me think of 4 hour phone calls and a lazy summer.I’ll Never Get Over You Getting Over me by Expose – I recently dedicated this song to my good friends Belma and Vicki. We rarely see each other and the thought of them forgetting me would put quite a blow to my ego. Yeah, another pastime I enjoy is dedicating songs to friends… but we’ll talk more about that next time. NKTOB (New Kids on the Block) videos are always great defaults for nostalgia. Hopefully, I can make the reunion show this fall at MSG.Lastly, the summer song of 2007 “Umbrella” – sung by multiple artist such as Mandy Moore, Vanilla Sky and Plain White Tee.California Love now reminds me of the Tina Tang crew since it’s become the default song to get everyone in a hyped mood.

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  • I really loved Vanilla Sky’s version of Umbrella! The video was also hilarious haha!!


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