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My New Nautilus Shell Series: Step Two in Jewelry Creation #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

This afternoon, I went to the jewelry district on 47th Street to pick up my sterling silver castings for the shell waxes you saw here. Remember Carmen from my "inside the jewelry making process" post here?  She works at the casting company where I drop off my wax carvings.  Here she is presenting me with my silver castings and silicon molds of my carvings. I am always excited to see my wax carvings solidified into actual silver. A close up of the pieces that I will bring to my finisher/polisher. Remember seeing these in wax form in my recent posts? I dropped these pieces off to be polished before I bring them to my engraver.  I am brainstorming on what type of pattern I would like on the shells and how I want the pieces to hang as jewelry.  The most wonderful thing about creating jewelry is that the possibilities are endless; one shape can take on numerous final forms.Stay tuned - same Tina time, same Tina channel.

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