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Nautilus Shell Series: Next Step, Engraving #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

Experiences and new sights help inspire design ideas.  The weekend before last, I spent Friday night catching up with one of my old employees, Kirsten, who is the gorgeous model on my website, and Saturday night bowling with Bobbie and her boyfriend.  I had not seen either ladies in quite a while and seeing them made me so happy as both are doing wonderfully since they last worked with me. Doesn't sound related but being out and social is important for your creative mind!This past weekend, I started working out and brainstorming shapes/designs I would like engraved on my new Nautilus pieces.  On Monday, I picked up the polished models from my production man, Erol. Scarlett, shown here, works closely with Erol and keeps it all organized.  My pieces are on that tray you see on the table. What Erol did for me was polish the rough sterling silver castings that you saw here.  I need that step completed before bringing the pieces to my engraver, George.  The engraver will carve my pattern into the silver casting so that I can make a mold from which I can make multiples.These are the polished castings I picked up: The pieces here are all polished without the roughness you saw in previous post. Some other little ideas are on the tray, too. I color scanned the polished pieces so I could use pen and pencil to play with design engraving ideas.  Here are my sketches on the scanned photos: I don't know if I love any, yet. Close up of my sketch. Erol added the jump rings on the shell piece so that when I make the mold, that section of labor is completed already. Do you see how jewelry provides an infinite amount of possibilities for the imagination?  It's not like designing clothing or handbags; with jewelry, one can literally do anything with a particular shape.

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