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Near-Mid-Life SED

tina tang

by TinaWhen I read Noelle's blog entry, I fell in love with her survey.I love surveys, especially when they ask questions that reveal things that do not come up in normal conversation. And, the answers always reveal more nuances about the person. So, I want to answer Noelle's SED, but mine would be a NEAR MID LIFE SED.Name: Tina TangOccupation: Jewelry Designer, Business Owner, and Cheerleader to the TTS TeamFavorite Food: (not in any particular order and not meant to be eaten together) Raw Oysters,Creme Brulee, Rice Pudding, Korean Spare RibsFavorite Movie: Changes often, but right now its CASABLANCAFavorite TV show: Carol Burnett ShowFavorite piece of Tina Tang Jewelry: This changes with every new design I make, but currently its the OUROBOROUS SNAKE RINGHobbies: Opera (preferably Italian), Stalking Handbags If I were on a desert island, the one________ I’d like to have would be:Drink: Red WineBook: Gone With The WindPiece of clothing: Sweats. I want to be comfortable on that desert island.Accessory: (answer of the moment), my Bottega Veneta toteAlbum: Rigoletto (with Luciano Pavoratti as the tenor)Pet: my pitbull, Bruno, who would provide hours of entertainment and conversation Ice Cream Flavor: An entire Ben and Jerry's store

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