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Never satisfied: Constant redesign. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

Every new design gets personally criticized once I have it back in my hands post-production.  The stars and clover hoops that I designed last year, for me, were a wonderful idea, but I have not been satisfied with them since they were polished.Size happens to be what bothers me most about them.  I re-did both in smaller sizes and in a different gauge of wax wire.The left side are my new revised hoops.  The right side shows how large the original designs were.Once I get the re-modeled pieces I like to try them on to see if improvements are satisfactory:I think the stars are finally the right size.  Yet, I am not satisfied with the gauge of the wire  I think thicker may be better.The clovers are a much better size, too.  Once, again, I am not satisfied with the gauge of the wire.Better size, but still needs a redo.Back to the design desk tonight. Sigh.  I suppose it's like in life, constant improvements and re-design.

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