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New Supplies Inspire New #Jewelry. #TinaTang

tina tang

When you open your closet in the morning, do often think about how there's nothing good to wear?  I often think that when I pull out my stone supply drawers in my studio/office.  I have looked at the same old stones everyday for months on end.  None of them inspire me anymore.Today, while running a few production errands, I picked up a couple new parts.Lemon quartz and green agate pre-set..ideas starting dancing in my head.These new "parts" are like getting new snacks in the fridge where you cannot wait to taste them!  I started pulling out some of my old parts which haven't had much creative life.  I came up with a couple ideas this afternoon which I wanted to share and invite your thoughts:Lemon quartz, (blue topaz on left) and amethyst on bottom of both.Do you like either idea?  I will be working on a few more ideas tomorrow.

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  • I love the one on the right very simple and elegant


  • Thank you!

    Tina Tang

  • i like that jewelry so much… jewelry is so beautiful….


  • Superb designs ideas :)
    like the collection!

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