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New ways to consume your pretzels. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

One of my twitter friends, @ToriHatesYou, who happens to also be a Chicago friend and client, asked me last week if I could make the pretzel into a ring. At my Chicago trunk show, she purchased these pretzel studs which she wears all the time.I love these little Pretzel Studs.I never even thought of making the pretzel into a ring!  It reminded me that some of my designs have morphed due to lovely client suggestions and this one is no different.  Tori Olivares, thank you for such a lovely idea!  I made the model to see how it would look.The Pretzel Ring is such a simple yet elegant everyday ring (if I do say so myself).So cute on.This little morphed design reminded me that one must always be open to new ideas and the unexpected places from where they may originate.

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