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New Year, New Aspirations for a #Jewelry Designer #TinaTang #NYC

tina tang

Was this year as challenging for you as it was for me? I closed my remaining brick and mortar store at the Limelight Marketplace, downsized my business so that I parted ways with my long time employee and good friend, Bobbie, Midori, and wonderful new employee, Kirsten.  I had to redesign the structure of my business to become a one woman show, predominantly online. A toast to you and your persistence to carry on.This year of significant structural changes represented endings and new beginnings.  I usually don't think about the idea of New Year's as a literal beginning for resolutions; I like to think of resolutions as something one starts immediately to which one remains gradually committed.Sharing with you some of my 2012 life goals:1. Continue to grow my relationship with you through facebook, twitter and this blog.  I love hearing from you and what you are doing!2. Get diesel enough to compete in mud runs with the end goal being the October 2012 Tough Mudder, a 10 mile mud run littered with Special British Forces military obstacles.3. Getting my personal training certificate so that I can teach/motivate and help others get into shape, something I love doing in my spare time. Enjoying a cafe au lait this morning in the West Village.  Come downtown and join me!Happy New Year! I'm here to help you motivate.

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  • I’ve enjoyed your jewelry for a while but had no idea you were into personal training. That’s awesome~ I wish you the best and a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!

    Sharon @ Red Poppy | Pink Peony

  • Hi Sharon! I am a bit of a gym rat and always like to help my best friend, Sima, with work out advice. I wish you the best as well. This WILL be a great year for us.

    Tina Tang

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