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Now I'm in the Limelight 'cause I rhyme tight...

tina tang

I feel you, Biggie!  I'm literally in the Limelight!  We moved here this past May and it's been quite an adventure and transition from our original flagship store in Greenwich Village.Midori and I saying "hello"!We have a neat beautiful little counter in this renovated Limelight (ex-nightclub) Marketplace.  We love the renovated space and the plethora of shopping options here.  We obviously try not to shop since we are saving up for the many gifts we want to buy others.  Ground Floor Entrance to Limelight.We would love to see you in our new home!  In case you need to do some holiday shopping in a gorgeous space, here are some neighbors that we love:Cathy from Caswell-Massey is always ready to help!Established in 1752, Caswell-Massey is the oldest operating retailer of personal care products.  They have provided the official White House soaps to George Washington (favorite scent: almond), JFK (favorite scent: ocean), and many others! Harli from Sue Devitt cosmetics is one of the most cheery people I have ever met.  She also is a talented make-up artist for Sue Devitt, where skincare products are mixed in the make-up!  Harli gives free makeovers.Kyle, the scent master.Avery Perfumes retails niche and special perfumes from around the world.  Kyle, their scent specialist, can tell you what you might like, give you samples, with just a few descriptions about what you want.I hope to see you in the next couple weeks!

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