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NYC Jewelry District: Cautious Buying

tina tang

I don't really enjoy going up to the jewelry district in NYC because it is always chaos and uncivil.  I go because my production company resides in the district.The sidewalks on 47th Street are normally more crowded.  It's a bazaar of hawking men "buy gold buy diamonds" and pushy people.As someone in the industry, I would advise NOT to trust any of the stores on the street, unless you know the owner personally.In fact, the commonly accepted philosphy on 47th Street is "BUYER BEWARE".  Most jewelry vendors in the diamond district believe it is the customer's fault for not being informed if they are fooled.Trust is the most important thing with diamonds/gold buying.  Either trust, or factual proof, such as a GIA diamond certificate.  Even the stamp 14kt or 18kt on a piece of jewelry can falsely stamped.Today, I went to pick up a few more designs from my new line:There is a ME bracelet as well!For the dog lovers.Naturally, I am a narcissist.

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