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Oh What a Daydream

tina tang

By NoelleAfter grappling with the idea of reality and daydreaming, I’ve come to the personal conclusion that I am a daydreamer. And I think more people should consider taking this route. It makes my life more exciting.Instead of looking out the window and seeing the same thing everyday, I like to pretend that I’m in a different state. For example sometimes when I’m at work and it’s snowing, I imagine myself in a small town in Nebraska. For some reason it makes it more fun. Even though in reality I’m in the West Village, NYC.Or sometimes when I’m on the subway I like to pretend I’m riding Space Mountain in Disney world. I’m not doing this because I don’t enjoy my life. I just prefer to embellish small mundane everyday events and turn them into something to think about or laugh about. Tons of people do this, I’m sure.My best friend and I like to compare stories about the crazy places we’ve gone in our minds. It’s a good way to remember not to take life too seriously or literally. This is just a reminder to those who may be feeling down this winter, or are finding themselves getting too introspective. Loosen up and let your imagination do the driving for a little while. Hopefully it will get you to smile a little, or maybe even laugh. Enjoy life!Circle of Life Necklace

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