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tina tang

By Tina: My two favorite types of music are old school 90's rap, and opera.  But, what I really want to share with you is how opera is so fantasmically awesome. Have you ever seen an opera?  The first time I decided to check it out was last year.  I bought tickets for my husband's birthday because I thought that it was something grown up and cultural to do.  And, if anything, I needed to be able to say that I have "tried" opera. We saw FAUST.  And, it was freaking phenomenal.  Why is opera so amazing?  Opera is the epitome of every art form.  The orchestral music is LIVE!  And, not only is it live, it is played by the best of the best of classical musicians. The stage sets to an opera not only set the tone for the story, but they are works of visual arts in themselves.  Most of the opera sets I have seen, take me back to the day the opera was composed.  Its better than a period piece movie, because the stage is there right in front of you.  And, honestly, the opera sets are bigger than my entire apartment building.  I want to live in those brightly colored sets (let alone steal the clothes they wear on stage). And, lastly and most importantly, the voices are simply heavenly.  You may think sopranos are too high pitched and foreign, but when you hear the singing live, you will be amazed the human voice can accomplish such beautiful sounds.  Listen to a Luciano Pavarotti opera.  How did one man get to be so lucky to have such a lovely voice? When I need to create or calm down, Italian opera takes me away from it all.  (I'll share more with you about my favorite 90's rap, next time.  The TT crew knows what 2 rappers I like when I need to pump it up in the store).

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