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Opera Boot Camp with @MetOperaGuild #TinaTang

tina tang

When I was in college, I vowed I would never go back to school again.  I had enough.  Isn't it strange that once you leave school, you long for learning?As you probably know, I have a love of opera. In fact, opera stories often inspire my jewelry designs. I didn't grow up with musically cultured parents who brought me to the opera as a 5 year old like some fans I know.  I was only introduced to it 3 years ago and I immediately felt my heart connect.  I am still learning as I listen and I found this in the mailbox yesterday:I don't recall ever getting a course book before so Met Opera Guild must figured out my love.After a flipping through a few pages, my eyes stopped abruptly on this page and I smiled.It exists... a bootcamp for opera.  The best kind of bootcamp - no sweating nor muscle fatigue.  I signed up today and I dare so am so geek-ily excited about taking this course.  I plan on taking notes, too.Here are a couple pieces that have been inspired by operas I have attended:The Lucia di Lammermoor Necklace.The diva in Lucia is nuts, the kind of "crazy" I admire.The matching Lucia bracelet.If anyone wants to join me, I would be thrilled to have you be my classmate!

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