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Our absolute FAVORITE blogger: Jessica Quirk

tina tang

Every morning when we get into the office, the first thing we do when we turn on the computer, is go to to read Jessica Quirk's fashion/style blog.This is Jessica's "About" photo:Isn't she just adorable?This is what I love about her blog:1. Her photos are magazine quality, set outdoors, and always fun.2. Jessica has a great sense of style and color, constantly giving me ideas about combinations.3. She writes in a tone of voice that feels like she's your long time friend from elementary school.  She's fashionable yet accessible.  Other fashion blogs make you feel like an utter bumbling fool, but Jessica feels like one of us.She lives in Indiana and her personality reflects the midwest friendliness.  And, what makes her fashion/style blog so approachable is that she puts together outfits that every day women can afford.This is what Jessica wore yesterday.  That's our Releaf necklace on her!

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  • Thank you so much for the shout out!! Merry Christmas!

    Jessica Quirk

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