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tina tang

The recent sunny days may be tricking me into believing that spring is nearing soon, but regardless of the weather, it is always exciting preparing for the warmer days!  GQ  has a list of accessories that men can explore and add liveliness in an array of playful colors. A personal favorite is the red leather Gucci boat shoes. Don’t worry women, there are Sperry Women’s Bahama that not only provide comfort, but are super cute with blue chino shorts and a white casual oversized buttondown. Don’t let the guys have all the fun with accessories; decorate your wrist with the Open Link Bracelet that has an extra bit of LOVE near the clasp with a heart charm!Open Link Bracelet $68

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  • You have a great collection. I adore making Handmade Jewelry

    andrew siddle

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  • adorable!

    thanks for visiting me, come back soon!

    The Sound of Lace

  • Thank for your comment. Your jewelry is adorable. Love it

    -The Trendy Fashionista

    The Trendy Fashionista

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