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Packing Heat. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

I shot my first gun last night. Bobbie and I went to the Westside Pistol and Rifle Range for our very first lesson and shooting session.  This year I have been enthusiastically open to new experiences and when I saw the shooting lesson as a deal on, I excitedly called Bobbie to see if she wanted to join me.  I knew she would be my literal partner in crime.I am showing off my pretty darn decent shooting.  Not bad for my first time, pat pat on back.At first when our teacher went through all the safety procedures and protocol when handling the .22 rifle, I started panicking, scared I would forget the order of tasks.  After a half hour of an intensely packed information session, our teacher, Howard, let us loose in the shooting range where the rifles are chained to the tables.I didn't think I would enjoy this as much as I did!Here I am taking aim, remembering everything Howard said about aiming.One thing that Bobbie and I noted, our teacher, Howard, below, was noticeably fit.  In fact, Bobbie uncharacteristically said, "I saw his butt, and thought, 'hello!  I am listening to you!' "He is pretty darn adorable, and well versed with his "weapons".

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