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Picking up some new jewelry designs. #Jewelry #TinaTang

tina tang

I love days like this when I get to pick up finished jewelry designs.  This morning, I went straight to my production company to pick up a few pieces. The Double Nautilus earrings look so good with oxidation! This is what they looked like before any work was done: Silver unpolished is chalky white looking. I asked George, whose specialty focus at the production company is soldering, to work on a custom ID bracelet for my lovely sister in law, Janet.   George is capable of soldering even the tiniest of chains. That is an experienced skill. Here is Janet's personalized ID bracelet: Custom ID bracelets can be ordered here. I also picked up the Twist Teardrop hoop earrings: These are really lightweight. Big and light. These are how the Double Nautilus look like on: These turned out much better than I imagined! I'll be adding these new pieces to the site today.  Have a wonderful, sun filled Labor Day weekend, my lovelies!

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