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Post cupcake hangover.

tina tang

This weekend, we had our annual company holiday party.  I always make it a potluck to see what people cook since each person's choice reflects something specific about their personality.I knew I could count on Bobbie to make cupcakes, because she loves baked goods and all things sweet (except for the weird Chinese pastries I might have had her taste).  Bobbie happens to be very sweet, too.These were a special red velvet recipe handed down to her from her boyfriend's Jamaican mother.  It took her 6 years to get the recipe.  She must have kissed a lot of ass to get that recipe.  Good job, Bobbie.These were the most moist and delicious cupcakes I have EVER eaten.  I believe all the party goers unanimously, with mouths stuffed with red velvet, agreed.Onto more holiday topics...  I know many of you may not be into handbags, but as a jewelry designer, I am surrounded by jewelry, so naturally I need some other artful thing to obssess over.  Handbags, purses, clutches... a New York City woman cannot have enough.  A purse is our "car" that takes us to and from every daily appointment.My latest obsession I found at a Fisch for the Hip, a local designer consignment shop:Fendi Peek-a-Boo is a couple seasons old but timeless to me!I try to imagine me carrying it:Wouldn't I look great walking around with this and my white pitbull, Bruno?

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