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Put a Ring on It

tina tang

By: NoelleRecently I was at a bar with my friend Chloe. We were meeting up with our friend Stefanie from Switzerland. She is this cute little redhead with spunky style. We were talking about her rings. She had on 2 of the same—her’s and her boyfriend’s. The rings were hilarious. Subtle. But so funny. It was a sterling silver ring of a man and woman having sex in the missionary position. It was just something I would never expect to see on a ring. I immediately fell in love with it. My friend Chloe loved it too. We asked her where she found such a ridiculous ring and she said she got it on St. Marks Place. Of course! Chloe and I were near St. Marks Place a few days ago and decided to go hunting for this ring vendor. We found it right away. The guy was asking a little more than we were hoping to spend but we were able to talk him down since we were buying two. At first we were going to pass and come back but I decided that we needed them NOW. I bought the rings and we dubbed them our friendship rings. My friend Lauren loved it when I showed her and she got one as well! Friendship jewelry isn’t just for kids anymore. Chloe paid me back for the ring by taking me out for margaritas. Now that’s friendship.Check out some funky rings by Tina Tang (click on ring pic)

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  • margaritas for missionary position ring, that’s a great trade.

    fashion herald

  • We thought so too! That’s what friends are for right?


    Tangy Tidbits (Tina Tang Team)

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