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Put a Ring on It

tina tang

By: ReneeAccessories can Make or Break an outfit. No it isn’t written in stone but it is a hardcore fashion fact to me. I live by it! I watch so many outfits come alive just by paring it with the right shoes, necklace, bracelet(s), scarf, ring, earrings, and/or handbag.I absolutely love handbags and my knees literally buckle at the sight of gorgeous shoes. But aside from these, I have a thing for rings. To some, it’s the simplest, least significant accessory but for me it’s a very big deal. If I leave home without a ring on I truly feel naked and it’s a bad start to my day. I pretty much like all shapes and sizes but I mostly gravitate to bold, statement, colored ones. For me a ring seals the deal, it’s the icing on the cake.Ok, you get the point; I love rings…A Lot. But just to give you a clearer picture of how much I do, I’m going to share my recent revelation:So one morning I was getting dressed and as usual matching my accessories to my outfit. But this particular morning I paused while gazing into my collection of rings and I thought…If someday some lucky guy ask for my hand in marriage do I have to give up my ring collection? Do I really have to wear the same ring everyday for the rest of my life? And I would then have to work all my accessories around this one ring? That’s no fun!Disturbed by this discovery I eventually came up with the following analogy: For me, men are like rings. Currently, I’ll continue switching them up and experimenting until the day that I find the one ring that I absolutely love, adore, and wouldn’t mind wearing everyday for the rest of my life.

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