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Putting it back together again. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

This has been the most ideal office move.  My lease ends April 30th, but my new little office allowed me to move in immediately which gave me a couple weeks of overlap to transition slowly.  After 14 years of business and having moved a few times, I've learned many lessons, such as having an operating office until the new space is up and running. I moved everything but my computer and printer:With my computer I can still work on internet orders and social media.Can you see how large a space I used to have?  Huge.  My new space was a little overwhelming a couple days ago:So much stuff, so little space.Even after moving, I am quickly evaluating what I might actually need and use again.  When one has space, editing is never an issue.  I am secretly pleased I've had to make quick decisions about what to keep.  Office is coming along, being put together again like Humpty Dumpty.Just need to put up my jewelry displays today.When I walk into my new office, I simply feel happy.  It was the right choice.  Thank you for all your support when I asked for your thoughts.

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  • Glad you like your new office space.

    Sarah L.A.C.E.

  • Sarah, Thank you!!

    Tina Tang

  • Yay! I want to come visit when you are settled!
    Congratulations…It sounds like you made the right choice. :-)

    Jennifer Shingelo

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