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Putting Some Spring into your Winter Wardrobe

tina tang

* Sorry for not blogging in awhile, but today we have our Weekly GuestBlogger!photo by J.sannaThere's nothing more frustrating than the in between of winter to spring. Winter clothing is still worn to keep warm, but with darker colored sweaters and jackets it's difficult to achieve that colorful spring spirit. How are we supposed to be colorful and cute without freezing to death?Well here are a few ways to incorporate color into your dark winter clothing:• Take inventory of the color accessories you have in your closet and jewelry box: necklaces, tights, cardigans, scarves, shoes, etc.• Dark neutrals such as black, brown, dark purple, and navy provide a clean canvas for pops of color. Dark Purple is definitely my winter choice, coupled with just about any bright spring color and you have yourself a great outfit. • Take a neutral piece of dark clothing such as a black pencil skirt and pair it with a light colored cardigan for contrast. Add a chunky piece of colored jewelry or a colored scarf around your neck, throw a bracelet on, that coordinates with the color of your scarf or necklace. Flats are perfect for the spring, metallics, reds, yellows, and bright greens provide for eye-catching tanginess on the street.• Be bold with colors! Especially this spring, neutrals and bright pops of color are spring time trends for 2010.• Hairpieces add fun and flair. Use ribbon to tie a bow in your hair, or glue a misfit button on a bobby pin to add color to your hairstyleColors to look for in your wardrobe or while shopping would be:• Tans and grays; for your neutrals• Bright greens, peaches, light blues, melon, coral, and pinks; for your pops of color• Metallics, golds, silvers, and bronze is always a fun way to bring shimmer to your winter/spring outfitphoto by quartodeideiaLydia writes for  A site that loves fashion and jewelry. But is obsessed with all things diamond ring. Whether you are looking for a way to propose or trying to find a way to purchase engagement rings, she is a good resource.* I'm excited to go through my closest for my spring clothing! These suggestions are great for the weather we are experiencing these days! Where the sunlight warms you, but the wind is a bit chilly!

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  • great advice! i also can’t wait to go through my closet!


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