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Pyramus and Thisbe

tina tang

Pyramus and Thisbe were two youths that lived in adjacent houses in Babylon. Their parents forbade their love, but that did not stop the two from continuing with their affair. They communicated through a crack in the wall that their two homes shared, whispering professions of their love for each other back and forth. One day, the couple planned to meet after sunset at the Tomb of Ninus outside the city limits which stood by a white mulberry tree. Thisbe arrived first, only to see a lioness whose mouth was fresh with blood after a kill. The lioness stopped at a nearby fountain to get a drink while Thisbe fled in terror, losing her veil in the process. The lioness retreated after drinking her fill, snatching Thisbe’s fallen veil in her jaws along the way. It was then that Pyramus arrived at the tomb, only to see the lioness holding Thisbe’s now blood-soaked veil. Assuming that Thisbe was the lioness’ prey, Pyramus sank his sword into his chest at the foot of the mulberry tree, staining it red with his blood. Thisbe returns to the mulberry tree after giving the lioness time to leave, and finds her lover dead by his own hand. Thisbe cries out, mourning their forbidden love and asking that the stained berries be memorials of their bloody romance before she kills herself with the sword of her lover. Now, the fruit of the mulberry tree is forever stained with the blood of the young, star-crossed couple.The stained fruit isn't the only tribute to the legendary lovers, as the two are now memorialized in Tina Tang's new Star Crossed Lovers Line where the infamous lioness is available in ring and necklace form. Check online at or visit the Limelight Marketplace in Chelsea to purchase the Thisbe Lion Ring for $195 and the Thisbe Lion Necklace for $185.

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  • Very pretty necklace! Too bad it’s such a tragic story.


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