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Queen of Spades

tina tang

By: JudySince I was a young teenager I started dabbling with tarot and astrology, desiring deeply to know the world and where I would stand. I’ve owned only two decks, one being the Sacred Rose(easy to master like the “dead man’s float” in swimming) and then progressed towards my second, the Aleister Crowley Thoth deck(hard to master-like the butterfly stroke, just as exhausting). I’ve done a few things, enough to satisfy my questions for now. I’ve always randomly chosen a card from the deck to signify myself (a.k.a. the Indicator Card) and it has always been the Queen of Swords and when it was not this card, it was the Judgment card of the Major Arcana (which is pretty much a more powerful incarnation of the Queen of Swords). Eventually, I am going to have Tina make a custom ring for me (she does a lot of custom work for people). It’s going to be very similar to the Fleur de Lis ring but with a black spade instead, the spade symbol of present day playing cards is none other than the Sword symbol of olden days. The superior “right hand ring” created & crafted just for me.Instead of the Fleur de Lis it would be a single Spade composed of pave black diamondsWithin the Suit of Swords, the Queen belongs to the Court Cards of the Tarot and is known to be The Crystallizer or The Judgment. The card indicates a woman who is blessed (or cursed) with sharp perception, and highly honed intuition. She is acutely analytical, with a razor-sharp ability to get to the heart of a situation, seeing exactly what is, rather than what others would wish her to see.She is a private woman, unwilling to let people too close to her until she thoroughly understands their motives. However, once won as a friend, she is unfailingly loyal, honest and supportive. She's usually very intelligent, with a dry sense of humor. Her penetrating insight often reveals to others aspects of themselves they had previously been unable to grasp - thus she is a capable therapist, teacher, or leader. The woman represented by this card is experienced in the flow of life, understanding a great deal about both the great triumphs, and the deepest failings of humanity. Her clarity will be of great value at times of confusion and sadness. The negative aspects of the Queen; she can be cold, hard, critical, and judgmental. I’ve always been this way, a sword with two blades. Soon enough, I will have my very own personalized ring with my own emblem. I am no Green Lantern but I am the Queen of Spades.

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  • Oh, I love that Fleur de Lis ring and I think the Spade would look just as amazing!

    I’ve never done much reading on Tarot or astrology but this post is still very interesting!

    Sometimes the character descriptions they provide are quite accurate and I can see how some people would find it intriguing, but I prefer not to define myself based on them.


  • when i’ve had readings, i am typically the queen of sword too. powerful energy :)

    thanks for the link!


    Diabolina 3.1

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