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Rainy Days

tina tang

by JenSo can we talk about this ongoing rain? It's enough to make one think about ark building. Back home in Texas everyone is forced to do their own personal rain dance to even think about the kind or rain NYC is getting right now. There is the occasional exception that will cause small towns to receive national attention. I remember the Texas "100 years flood" that forced me to camp out at a small theater until the water levels dropped to a reasonable and safe level to drive in. But even after that historic and meteorological event was over, we were back to the same old water restrictions that occur every summer during a drought. And don't tell me that this has nothing to do with global warming because I am not buying it! You have to be in some serious denial to not see the effects of our sometimes environmentally unfriendly activities. I mean its June and it's 69 degrees. I'm not a specialist, but it should have been beach weather 2 weeks ago. It makes you want to do your part in any way you can. Be it, reusing the other side of that piece of printer paper, walking to work, bringing your own sac to the market, or contributing to businesses that love the earth as much as you do. Tina Tang is so firmly committed to the environment, that every time you buy something beautiful for yourself, you buy something beautiful for the planet. Through our partnership with American Forests, you can plant a tree with every purchase! So go ahead and indulge your love for the earth and get that ReLeaf necklace with the mantra every proud tree hugger should know by heart. Shout it to the world! Peace! Love! Recycle!

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