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Re-design: Mixing old and new. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

I have an event to attend tonight, the Metropolitan Opera Season Preview party.  I didn't know which earrings I wanted to wear with my outfit that adheres to the "cocktail" dress code.  Thus, as a jewelry designer, I have the benefit of designing my own!I wasn't liking anything I have in stock, similar to when you look in your closet for an outfit or look in your fridge for something new to eat.  I had these:The Chain Mail earrings are fun, but I wanted a little something more.and I also pulled these out:I carved these Fancy Chandeliers in wax years ago and they are justtoo familiar to me to be fun. So, I morphed the two pairs!  What do you think?These I love!  Sparkly and fancy.Tomorrow, I'll post the full outfit.

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